Living a high-class lifestyle can sometimes feel like trying to read a foreign language, especially if you are not one with those social skills of a truly classy person. Still, while most social trends come and go, being elegant, classy, and sophisticated is still something that will never truly go out of vogue! But in such a hyper-consumerized society where it is normal to fly on a plane without luggage, reapply lip gloss at the dinner table, or swear at someone behind their back, a classy person should consciously be aware of his/her/their manners and confidently communicate how to be classy. After all, the less classy you act, the more people will see you for it.

In this article, read on how to be classy with your style, appearance, and most importantly – behavior that speaks “Yes! I am classy and so can be you”.

How To Be Classy


1. How To Be Classy With Your Style?


A Classy Person Cares For Personal Style, Clothes, And Looks


Classy people don’t need to look like a supermodel to have good manners and taste. All a classy person needs to do is have proper hygiene, some subtle color coordination, and a few select, classy style pieces. Here are some classic pieces for dressing up and knowing how to be a classy person:

The first piece of advice on dressing for evening parties, business meetings, or other classy affairs is to wear a conservative wardrobe. This means having the right fit, appropriate necklines, and the proper accessories. A classy person is confident and the importance of personal style, and can effectively accessorize to get the best effect. In other words, a classy person is one who is comfortable and happy in their own skin!

Another piece of advice on being classy is to always wear your most elegant shoes. No one can take away your sense of fashion, elegance, or style if you don’t maintain the highest degree of formality in your footwear. The secret to looking more refined includes finding great footwear. Here are a few ideas:

  • Stilettos. A pair of stilettos is the ultimate in how to be classy in terms of footwear. They are simple, comfortable, and offer a luxurious touch of style that most people love. Whether you choose black or brown stilettos, this is the perfect shoe for showing off your style and sophistication. If you’re wondering how to be classy with stilettos, start by looking for a high-quality pair at a reputable store.
  • Long classy boots. These timeless pieces always exude a certain classy aura that allows you to look your best at any function or event. Pair them with classy, straight black pants and you’ll instantly look classy and sophisticated, regardless of where you go. Nothing says “dignified” better than a pair of long, classy leather boots.


Classy Style Does Not Mean Expensive Wardrobe


Some people think that being classy means that you have to dress in expensive classy clothes only. That is not true either – you can look very classy with well-fitting, simple clothes. But sometimes it does pay to dress nicely if you are trying to make a good impression on someone. If you are at a job interview, you may want to wear a blazer that makes you look well-dressed and polished. The way that you carry yourself and the way that you talk to other people can say a lot about how classy you are, even if you didn’t pay thousands for that blazer.

very classy woman with a pink dress decorated in swarowski diamonds

A Classy Person Is Informed About The Latest Fashion


In order to look classy, it’s a good idea to stay updated with the latest fashion innovation and styles. However, it is very difficult for a regular person to follow this information because people rarely have enough time for that. If you want to learn how to be classy without subscribing to a ton of fashion magazines, try to notice people everywhere you go. Do you notice classy people repeating a particular style option or accessory? This must be a style trend, and you can see if it fits your own personal classy style.


A Classy Person Carries Himself/Herself With Dignity


The classy person is never late in anything, including his appearance. They never forget about the importance of good hygiene and personal appearance, because appearance matters.

Therefore, if you are thinking about how to be classy with minimal effort, let people see that you are always well-groomed and neat. Always try to wear proper shoes, dress well, and present a neat and presentable appearance. Be cautious about your facial expressions too.


2. How To Be Classy With Your Behavior?


To start behaving with class, it will help if you to take a look at what exactly classy behavior means. Basically, classy behavior rules stem from a number of different factors.

  • One of the many factors is how you conduct yourself in any social situation. Classy people always conduct themselves with more elegance, class, and style. When a person behaves in a classy manner, he shows that he is a classy person who trusts in themselves and doesn’t mind being called out or corrected. You can always determine whether or not someone is classy just by looking at how she or he conducts themselves.
  • A classy person is also someone who knows how to act with grace and elegance, no matter what. They might be dressed in their simplest clothes, but their manners can never let people down. And why? Look at them – they are simply enjoying what they have.

To live a life of true sophistication is not something anyone can do easily, but rest assured that it is possible for anyone to learn how to be classy!


A Classy Person Knows How To Communicate Well


They are always ready to be complimented and will try their best to impress everyone they meet, but not in a bad way. A good listener is classy. A good communicator is very classy. Someone who can make others feel good about themselves is a very good communicator. This means that a good-looking, good-sounding woman or man is also a classy person because he or she can pass on the right message to another person.

classy people, a couple with classy attire in a high-class bar


Keep Your Cool


A classy person knows how to handle him or herself, especially when confronted with unruly people. They have the ability to keep their temper even when someone is being malicious. When a classy person is faced with a situation that he or she does not feel comfortable with, they will not get upset and display their anger by throwing a fit. On the contrary, a classy person will try to solve the problem in a polite manner instead of getting angry.


Be Classy In Every Situation


Be kind, cordial, and professional with all of your interactions with people. You never know who you are going to meet and what you are going to say. This is why you should be classy in everything that you do. In the business world, you want to be a go-to person for your customers and you need to always make sure that they feel that you are the most qualified person for the job.


A Classy Person Is Happy To Help Others


How to be classy without spending a dime? Always be open to give advice or share your knowledge with someone who is asking for a tip. Even if the question falls out of your knowledge, you are still being classy by showing that you are sympathetic to what they are asking for.


3. Classy Manners Are Important


A Classy Person Is Organized


The way you carry yourself can also say a lot about you. If you are always in a hurry or if you are fidgeting with something, then you might not be thinking clearly, and this will definitely be noticed by many people. A classy person would never let things like that stand in their way. Therefore, they would always take their time and try to think things through before taking any action at all. They take time to plan, get ready, prepare things in advance, etc.


Know Your Etiquette Rules


Another characteristic that defines a classy person is his or her manners. A person with great etiquette and grace behaves properly and is always calm. Such people are especially liked in formal circumstances (at work, in business meetings, and in other formal relationships).

Good manners and etiquette are also about being honest, being true to yourself, being responsible, being respectful, and always helping others. It is about making the world a better place and keeping it orderly so that people can get on with the real business at hand. Etiquette is a way of life; it is not something that you choose to do, or something that you can pretend to do. Good etiquette is a gift that is given freely, with no strings attached. So, if you want to find yourself being invited for dinner, then by all means, show up, as that is what etiquette is all about.