Picking and styling a maxi dress is one of the major headaches to face on hot summer days. On one hand, you want to stay cool and comfy. On the other hand, you want (or need) to look classy too. Even though the maxi dress is known as a casual choice, the good news is it can still make heads turn with its unique and classy style. It all comes down to a few major things to pay attention to when choosing a maxi dress so you can look classy, luxurious, and elegant at the same time.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Classy Maxi Dress


1. Where Are You Going To Wear Your Classy Maxi Dress?


The situation is the first thing to consider when putting together your classy style choices. And believe it or not, a maxi dress can really look classy enough and be worn both in formal and casual occasions. Why? Because a classy maxi dress can offer a classy, dressy, and extremely elegant style without being overly sexy. You can wear it almost everywhere!

If you are going to be wearing a maxi dress to the office, then you may want to choose something that is a bit more classy and elegant. Look for neutral colors and skip deep necklines.

You can also find many dresses that are more casual, but still, look classy and perfect for day out events or just hanging out with friends. Such occasions allow you to wear brighter, even floral patterns and colors.

smiling woman with a classy maxi dress with floral prints


2. Look For High-Quality Materials


Another thing to look for in a classy maxi dress is a material that will allow your skin to breathe and will make you look stunning. When shopping, try to find a dress with a natural, flowy fabric (for example, silk). Natural fabrics tend to be a little bit more comfortable than other materials. Also, they do not get too hot in the summer and are easier to maintain throughout the year.


3. Pair With Just a Few Tiny Accessories


If you want to look classy in your maxi dress, skip the part of pairing your maxi dress with a ton of bangles and other jewels. Instead, stick to no more than two neutral pieces. For example, you might choose to go with a classy belt and a classy little clutch to complete your look – and that’s absolutely enough to look really classy and luxurious.


4. Remember That Maxi Dresses Are Not Designed To Help You Look Slimmer


If that is your goal, be very picky about your classy maxi dress and look for those that give your waist a little bit of structure. A bell-shaped, classy maxi dress will likely optically make you look a little bigger. On the other hand, a belted maxi dress, or the one that is cut to gently hug your waist can help you to look and feel a bit slimmer.

young woman wearing classy maxi dress with casual shoes


5. Let The Podium Show You


One of the nice features of the maxi dress is that they tend to have an appeal to them, which means you can usually find a lot of classy maxi dress inspiration in designer collections. Designers are regularly experimenting with the latest trends, different materials, so exploring fashion magazines can give you a ton of hints and ideas.


A Classy Maxi Dress Should Never Be a Headache


Maxi dress is a big piece of clothing, no matter the model you choose. When choosing a classy maxi dress, make yourself a little favor by choosing something that is fairly easy to maintain. Fabrics that do not tend to wrinkle a lot, dresses that can be hand-washed and hung on a rack, darker colors – all of these accents will make your life a lot easier, and you won’t sacrifice any classiness of your perfect maxi dress.


A Classy Maxi Dress Should Fit You Well


You will want to take your body measurements before you shop for a maxi dress so that you know what size you need, especially if you’re shopping online. There are a lot of classy maxi dresses that come in “universal” size but this one can be really tricky – even though they’re labeled as “universal”, they still look good on particular body sizes only.

To find a classy maxi dress that fits you perfectly (no matter your size), try to look for dresses that have the exact measurements or sizes and choose the one that fits you.




No matter what you end up choosing, you will be happy with your purchase once you see it in your own life. A classy maxi dress is one that not only looks great but feels amazing on your body.

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